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Monica Hess, Kentucky's Feng Shui Master

When Feng Shui became popular in the US, I had to wade in and sort the hype from the facts. It sounded like a snake oil salesman had come to town.  I was sure it was all bunk.  But, I gave it a try...mostly because I wanted proof of my thoughts that it was just a bunch of hocus-pocus built to rob people of their money and make them look foolish.

After trying out various Feng Shui cures, including a red door and the placement of wind chimes just about everywhere, I started asking questions.  Soon after, I found Master Joseph Yu, who managed not only to answer those questions but to answer with logic and common sense.  After that, it was just a matter of time before I decided to seriously study Feng Shui.

Many of my direct descendants landed before the Pilgrims.  Yes, we were here before the Mayflower! Daniel Boone's daddy was my 7th great grandfather.   It doesn't seem like that would contribute to making a Feng Shui Master, does it? But, it did.

The love of freedom, liberty, and control of my own life was a huge part of my decision to study Feng Shui.  Don't we all want that?  Actually, no. There are many people who would rather be herded like cattle than follow their own path. While that's fine, it wasn't for me.  I want direction, but not boundaries. Advice, but not orders.  Laws without dictatorship.  I want to know what authorities think, while keeping the right to question that authority.

All this contributed to the process where Monica the farmer became Monica, the Feng Shui Master.


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